Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Weekend - Gayndah

I've been sick all week, so am finally able to catch up on blogging last weekend.
We have a couple of friends who were born and raised in Gayndah, a little country town of about 3000 people, situated approximately 150km North-West of Gympie. Gayndah and its arch rival (seriously) Mundubbera are a citrus-growing region, and every two years Gaynday hosts the Orange Festival, where the population of the town swells to around 10'000!! All the expats who have moved onto bigger cities come back, and bring along their big city friends. For the majority of the weekend there were 10 people staying at our friend's parents' house, and most of the town is the same.
Sadly the weather was rather awful (freezing cold and rain), but the hospitality we enjoyed was wonderful.
I'm breaking my photos up into different events/posts to follow...

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