Friday, January 28, 2011

Hiding the tech

In this day and age it can seem that tech gadgets are taking over our homes. Sarah at sarah.wondering has found a great way to hide speakers without losing audio quality - the speaker is in the right credenza, behind the holes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An interruption

Life was interrupted for all Brisbanites last week with horrendous flooding destroying homes and businesses in the South-East. On the weekend we helped some friends clean up the black sludge the floods left behind.
Photography by Ton

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Asbestos Manor

Over NYE we spent a few nights at Hervey Bay. This house on the esplanade practically jumps out at you.


Some more purchases from Woolloongabba Antiques. I really love the patina on these old pieces of cutlery, and the shapes. The nutcrackers is currently residing atop the TV in the kitchen, and the knives in a jar on the kitchen window sill.
I'd love to use the knives for serving cake, but one of my friends has a serious germ phobia, not sure how she would deal with that..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Alternate storag solution

Ton has a random collection of dice that he's been keeping in a coffee jar, but since we're revamping the bookshelf, I really didn't like this ugly container to sit on the shiny new shelf. I dropped by Woolloongabba Antiques and picked up this vintage jar that I really like. I remember my nan cooking preserves and storing them in this kind of jar. Ton has a few other collections of bits and bobs, so I will keep checking back there for more jars in this vein.

The Seedling Mark II - Week 3

I've been a bit slack, so this is the plant at the 3 week mark. I haven't taken a photo since, as it doesn't seem to be changing all that much right now. I'll put up another pic once the damn thing actually flowers.
My apologies to Alan, I know you've been following its progress.

What a gorgeous table setting!

Photography by Rachel Thurston

The new pasta maker

In the last few months my brother has discovered his hitherto unknown talent for making pasta from scratch. When we last baby-sat my nephew we were treated to Turkey & sun-dried tomato herb ravioli.
For Christmas dinner he stepped it up another notch and made fingerfood-sized prawn mousse ravioli with prawn bits & seeded mustard, served up on ceramic spoons. YUM! Recipe slightly adapted from the original recipe in Your Place or Mine book by George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan of Masterchef fame.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So I ran my first 5km 'fun' run today

I really do think that fun is the wrong word to associate with running. Although I certainly enjoyed the moment it was over. The occasion was the Resolution Run, held in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane South Bank.I didn't even have a New Year's Resolution about running, but alas, my brother didn't want to take no for an answer when he asked us if we wanted to participate. Anyway, I did the run as a half-jog/half-walk in 39minutes, 15 seconds. Not exactly respectable, but I'm happy I finished it without collapsing, considering that I'm not really a runner. However, I think I may have gotten a taste for it now; there is a 3km run in March that I'm keen to participate in to see if I can actually run the whole damn thing. Will keep you posted.

Update Monday morning: It's definitely not fun today. OUCH!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The year for being organised

It had been our intention for a good long while to replace our hodge podge of shelving in the office with one nice big bookshelf that takes up the whole wall. Over this break we finally managed to get there. I know some people hate IKEA but the white Billy bookshelf we bought fits perfectly, didn't cost the world, and it's clean and minimalist.
The only downside has been that this has created somewhat of a domino effect, so we ended up rearranging our spare room, too, as well as the bedroom, and it has also had a flow-on effect on our living room. We basically lived in a big old mess the last week. On the upside, I finally rearranged our wardrobe, and donated four bags of clothes, books and shoes to St Vinnies this morning.
To cap off a week of being super-organised I got 90% of errands done today.
I'm feeling good about this year.