Sunday, January 9, 2011

So I ran my first 5km 'fun' run today

I really do think that fun is the wrong word to associate with running. Although I certainly enjoyed the moment it was over. The occasion was the Resolution Run, held in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane South Bank.I didn't even have a New Year's Resolution about running, but alas, my brother didn't want to take no for an answer when he asked us if we wanted to participate. Anyway, I did the run as a half-jog/half-walk in 39minutes, 15 seconds. Not exactly respectable, but I'm happy I finished it without collapsing, considering that I'm not really a runner. However, I think I may have gotten a taste for it now; there is a 3km run in March that I'm keen to participate in to see if I can actually run the whole damn thing. Will keep you posted.

Update Monday morning: It's definitely not fun today. OUCH!

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