Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The year for being organised

It had been our intention for a good long while to replace our hodge podge of shelving in the office with one nice big bookshelf that takes up the whole wall. Over this break we finally managed to get there. I know some people hate IKEA but the white Billy bookshelf we bought fits perfectly, didn't cost the world, and it's clean and minimalist.
The only downside has been that this has created somewhat of a domino effect, so we ended up rearranging our spare room, too, as well as the bedroom, and it has also had a flow-on effect on our living room. We basically lived in a big old mess the last week. On the upside, I finally rearranged our wardrobe, and donated four bags of clothes, books and shoes to St Vinnies this morning.
To cap off a week of being super-organised I got 90% of errands done today.
I'm feeling good about this year.

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