Monday, May 31, 2010

Agfamatic 4000 - First try

So I got the film developed that was in the old camera, but out of the 12 photos only 3 were good enough to be developed, but even then they were pretty crap. Motley, really dull and out of focus. The guy who developed them thought it was probably due to the film being exposed to fluctuations in temperature over the years of living in a cupboard. So I got a new film from him and shot with that in Amsterdam - I will scan the results this week.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work: Styling

This is a shot I was working on before I left for my holidays. It's finally out in the world, so now I can show you guys. I'm really happy with how this turned out; I think it has the right balance of mood and showing off the shoes. If I had my time again I'd probably get a darker background, but other than that, this is probably my favourite photograph I've styled.
Photography by Mindi Cooke
Shoes by Pulp Noir

Friday, May 28, 2010

What a coincidence!

When I left for Amsterdam I wanted to pick up a magazine at Munich airport to take on the plane. Lots of Vogues, Elles, Cosmos etc but nothing really caught my eye until this random street style mag that I've never heard of - on the cover it has an Australian price, but I've never seen it in-store.
Once I got to Amsterdam I was chatting to Cath about her work, and it turns out that she shot the cover of that mag!! and had the rest of the story published inside.
To see the rest of this gorgeous series click here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy catching up with everyone before leaving.
I am now half-way home, currently at a public terminal at Singapore Airport.
I will upload the rest of my photos in the next couple of weeks.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from Amsterdam

Hi all,

I have arrived back from Amsterdam, but am going to be fairly busy this week, so not sure when I will get to sort through my hundreds of photos and post the most poignant one.

I would like to thank Cath and Al for letting me stay with them for 3 nights and being such perfect hosts.
I had the best time, in large part due to recommendations from these two, and them taking their time being my city guides and taking me around on bike. I cannot recommend Amsterdam highly enough - it's a beautiful city architecturally, great food, really nice people, and fantastic museums/galleries.

Stay tuned for photos.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Type in Dresden

One for the designers... Some interesting typography I photographed in Dresden.

I'm leaving for Amsterdam early tomorrow morning, so will be off blogging until I get back Saturday night/Sunday morning. Have a good week, everyone!


Dresden - gorgeous city, beautiful blue sky

The first sunny day since our arrival luckily coincided with our trip to Dresden.
Our friend's dad used to be a teacher, so he has the history of the place down pat, thus he was our tour guide for the day.

Dresden was bombed to smithereens by the English, not long before the end of the Second World War. More details on this with particular images.

Dresden is now a shopping destination in the area, but back in they days of East Germany it only had 1 shopping centre, for a population of 500,000!!

This facade is from Eastern German times. After re-unification, it was taken off the old building, a new shopping centre built, and then the facade was re-applied.

A building lining the main market square, re-built after WWII in the baroque style.

The main market square.

Some original tiled artwork. A style typical of, and very popular in Communist societies.

The Frauenkirche of Dresden. (Our Lady Church. This is to Dresden what Notre Dame is to Paris.)

As the rest of Dresden, this church was completely destroyed in the Allied attacks. After the war the rubble was left as is; for one, it should be a constant reminder of the terrors of the war; secondly, there was no money to rebuild. That is, until after reunification.
I ninja-photographed an old photo a tour guide was holding up to demonstrate the extent of the destruction:

What a beauitful facade! Unfortunately the English Wikipage is lacking a lot of interesting info that's on the German one. (way too long to summarize) Just one tidbit that I found interesting. The original cross on the cupola was found during reconstruction, but it was too damaged to re-use. The new cross was made by the son of one of the English pilots who bombed Dresden. It was paid for by donations to the UK-based "Dresden Trust", chaired by The Duke of Kent. On the 55th anniversary of the destruction of the church the duke presented the cross to the city of Dresden, where it was exhibited until it could be installed. This happened on 22nd June 2004, and the cross is now seen as a symbol of the reconciliation between the UK and Germany.

We didn't go inside main body of the church - the line was way too long, and later on it was closed, possibly for a service?
We did, however, climb into the dome at the top.

The beautiful views of Dresden and beyond from outside the dome, in all 4 directions and down into the city, and square at the front of the Frauenkirche:

A statue of Martin Luther outside the Frauenkirche. If one is to believe TV-show "The Tudors" (apparently not so historically accurate, but totally worth watching, I think! Season 4 has just begun!), he created many a headache for King Henry VIII.

We had a very yummy (traditional Saxonian) lunch at a cute restaurant right in the square, which was tram-themed with lots of signage. The waiters were dressed as tram-drivers, with their little hats. There was even an old tram carriage right in the middle of the restaurant, with tables inside. Too cute!

More sightseeing after lunch. Although most of the city was destroyed, this wall miraculously survived unharmed. It was built from 1872-1876 and pictures the blue-blooded sovereigns that ruled over Saxonia. All on 20cm squared tiles. Link to German Wiki page for full image.

A statue, with the Hofkirche (church for the heads of state, literally "Court Church") in the background.

An old German post box. These haven't been around for jonx!

A young boy playing violin on the Brühl'sche Terrassen. Loads of trees on a terrace overlooking the Elbe river.

View from the terraces into an alleyway, leading back to the Frauenkirche.

Pedestrian street lights - they are like this everywhere in Dresden, and I think everywhere in former East Germany, although I can't confirm this at the moment. A little girl version, and a little boy version. On bigger intersections they are used next to each other. Too cute!

A plaque-like commemoration for the victims of the bombing attacks on the night between 13th and 14th February 1945. Phosphorus bombs were dropped into the market square which basically set the whole thing on fire. My parents have a book (written in the 70s, I think) that describes how people were trying to escape the flames by jumping into the fountain in the square, but the phosphorus had made the water boil, so these people very sadly cooked to death. If you're further interested in the history of this, the English wiki page is quite extensive. (I know, I've linked to wiki twice in one post, but there is so much history, it's hard to summarise for a blog.)

We then jumped  into the car and drove to what is (I believe, erroneously) referred to as the "Artist's Quarter". Hmm..
I really wanted to go, I thought something along the lines of Montmatre in Paris (which is quite commercial these days, anyway), but no. I really didn't like what was being sold - it was more like junk sales. :(
If you're ever in Dresden, you can skip this. Seriously, save yourself the time!
However, there were a few interesting architectural things to photograph:

Wow, what a long post! Hope you enjoyed this post; if you've got the opportunity to visit this gorgeous city, definitely do! I would recommend a tour guide, there is so much to look at and it's always better to know context.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plauen - a sad state of affairs

On our way North-East to visit some friends we dropped by a city called Plauen. Like so many former East-German cities, investors started building here after the reunification of Germany, but since the economy hasn't been all that great, many buildings have been empty to years, thus fallen into disrepair and worse.

Routine in Munich

Back at home, we didn't get up to much on Monday – although I decided to jog up the road to get the old film developed. Worst idea ever – my calves seized up after about 5 minutes because of the low temps, and the cold air was burning my lungs, and I thought my ears and nose were going to get frost bite and fall off :(
On Tuesday I did a little city tour with Hans, but since I'm an idiot I forgot to re-insert the SD card into the camera, so I couldn't take any photos. Suffice to say, it was drizzly and cold, but still a nice day. We finished the day off with a visit to the Deutsche Museum, where we looked at the Film and Photography exhibit, which was extremely interesting. How the technology has developed, in particular. “Spy-like” cameras, hidden in everyday objects were in use back in the 19th century!
On the 5th it was my maternal Oma's 89th birthday, so we got the family together for a nice Bavarian lunch, with plenty of beer, of course. In the afternoon, I accompanied mum and my paternal Oma to their favourite boutique in Munich. Every 6 months, the owner puts on a fashion show to introduce the new season – in this instance spring, which was a bit laughable, with 12 degrees outside! Being champion shoppers we bought up, of course. I scored a beautiful turquoise knee-length coat with a tulip hem. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since then! :)


Religious icons - Oma's House

As you all know, I'm no big fan of religion, but I think these carved wooden sculptures in Oma's living room are so beautiful. Especially because they're old and the paint is starting to rub off in different spots, and cracking.

Bad weather makes for very unhappy Aussies

The wedding was the start of the bad weather. Since then it's been rainy, cold, grey and just generally miserable. This is the quality of light and grey sky we've been confronted with :(

I'm wearing 2 pairs of socks, leggings underneath my jeans, singlet, t-shirt, hoodie and a long jacket over the top, but am still cold.
On the way home we dropped by Oma's place again, and I did a repeat shot of the mini apple tree, compare this to the shot in the sunlight. Depressing...


The First of May - Wedding Bells

I was too lazy to take my camera, so unfortunately there are no photos to show from the ceremony or reception(s). The ceremony was in a beautiful old church in Schwäbisch Hall – it took about an hour. Afterwards we went to a rooftop bar across the road from the church, about 6 stories high. From this rooftop we could see across the whole township, what a wonderful view! Sadly the weather was pretty crap – drizzly and cold.
The main reception was later, in the hotel where we stayed, about 30min drive from where the ceremony was.
The couple put a lot of effort into the little details for the wedding, for instance, for every room they had prepared a box of local specialties.