Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cool Old Stuff that Old People keep for no reason at all

We visited my dad's stepmum the other day, and she was talking about all the stuff that's piling up in her unit, old stuff she never uses. Then she pulled out this old camera. It belonged to my grandfather (who died about 4 years ago) - she doesn't photograph, so who knows when it was used the last time. It only had 3 out of 12 photos used. So I went around and snapped a few things in her appartment to use up the film.
I did some investigating and found out that this kind of camera was only built between 1974 and 1976! It's an Agfamatic 4000 Pocket.
This morning I took the full film to a photo house and they still develop this totally-outdated technology. And not only that, the guy STILL HAS ROLLS OF FILM!!! I am so excited to see how the photos turn out. If the camera still works fine I might even buy a few rolls of film.
Once they're developed I'll have to scan them to show you guys.
Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next week as we're doing a little roadtrip, starting tomorrow and returning to Munich on Sunday. So posting may be sporadic, not sure what the web sitch will be.

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