Sunday, May 9, 2010

Routine in Munich

Back at home, we didn't get up to much on Monday – although I decided to jog up the road to get the old film developed. Worst idea ever – my calves seized up after about 5 minutes because of the low temps, and the cold air was burning my lungs, and I thought my ears and nose were going to get frost bite and fall off :(
On Tuesday I did a little city tour with Hans, but since I'm an idiot I forgot to re-insert the SD card into the camera, so I couldn't take any photos. Suffice to say, it was drizzly and cold, but still a nice day. We finished the day off with a visit to the Deutsche Museum, where we looked at the Film and Photography exhibit, which was extremely interesting. How the technology has developed, in particular. “Spy-like” cameras, hidden in everyday objects were in use back in the 19th century!
On the 5th it was my maternal Oma's 89th birthday, so we got the family together for a nice Bavarian lunch, with plenty of beer, of course. In the afternoon, I accompanied mum and my paternal Oma to their favourite boutique in Munich. Every 6 months, the owner puts on a fashion show to introduce the new season – in this instance spring, which was a bit laughable, with 12 degrees outside! Being champion shoppers we bought up, of course. I scored a beautiful turquoise knee-length coat with a tulip hem. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since then! :)


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