Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from Amsterdam

Hi all,

I have arrived back from Amsterdam, but am going to be fairly busy this week, so not sure when I will get to sort through my hundreds of photos and post the most poignant one.

I would like to thank Cath and Al for letting me stay with them for 3 nights and being such perfect hosts.
I had the best time, in large part due to recommendations from these two, and them taking their time being my city guides and taking me around on bike. I cannot recommend Amsterdam highly enough - it's a beautiful city architecturally, great food, really nice people, and fantastic museums/galleries.

Stay tuned for photos.


  1. Lovely so you are still high then? When we were there I found the central part with the cafes and sex district rather depressing and scary. However further out in a little town called Volendam it was awesome. :) More updates please. what else am i meant to do for a 5 minute break at work!!!

  2. the red light district is gross, but i loved the rest of amsterdam.
    am so sorry that i haven't posted anything more, but i am in the end sprint of my trip, and am very busy now.