Friday, May 7, 2010

Arrival in Munich - SUPRISE!!

My Oma (German for nan) had no idea that my uncle or I would be accompanying my parents for this trip, so they were extremely happy to see us.

Surreptitious paparazzi shot through their hedge, so that they couldn't see me.

Oma's husband Hans is very big on gardening, and being Spring, there were a lot of pretty flowers to photograph. I also made use of the only (!!!!) day of nice, sunny, warm weather we've had so far. So, please enjoy the exploits of Hans' green thumb in their backyard:

This is like the Bavarian version of a shed. This is where Hans stores most of his gardening tools, as well as general handyman stuff, and of course, his equipment tumbling, cutting and polishing semi-precious stones – his other hobby is silversmithing and he often cuts his own stones to set.

And from the other side. He can fit A LOT of stuff in here!

A pitch fork (for non-lynching purposes, gardening only), with the shed on the right and one of the greenhouses on the right. Hans grows a lot of food himself, such as tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, capsicum, so the greenhouses are in use a lot of the time – otherwise it's too cold for these vegies.

Flowering mini apple tree

Beautiful tulips:


Wooden bird house, most likely built by Hans

Luscious red tulips and some pretty blue flowers

Beautiful blue Enzian

To round out the primary colours, bright yellow

The name of these escapes us all at the moment

Also no idea, but so perty...

Hans' old bike to get around locally. I love the shadow from the foliage on the rough wall.

Phew, another day done. Hope you enjoyed the botanical marvels.
Also, although I probably should have mentioned this earlier, if you click on the photos a larger version appears.



  1. Ohhhh for the cold climate flower - beautiful! It ain't gonna happen here in hot, steamy Brisvagus is it. think my choice is the flowering mini apple, absolutely stunning and perfect shape. GaZZie

  2. Awesome pics sis. I love the Enzian picture. My favourite flower. CK

  3. Love your photography.I know the names of nearly all of these flowers. R