Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Before And After with mixed results

I've had these two baskets sitting around in a cupboard for ages since the wood colours don't really work with the rest of the decor. I finally decided that I would paint them white and use them.

I didn't give it too much thought, just grabbed some left-over wall paint we had from painting our unit. I thought this would be perfect so that the whites match. Well... It seems that the cane on both of these had been dyed with some sort of colour that dissolves when I tried to paint over them. Hence the below result of ghastly pink and yellowy whites:

I was somewhat disheartened with this horrible outcome, but I thought well, I can either chuck them or try to salvage, so I bought some satin white spray paint and had a go with that. Upside: no dissolving of colour. Goes on SO easily. Downsides: Even with a large area cordoned off with cardboard and newspaper I still had to scrub the balcony down with methylated spirits afterwards. And my fingers (after the first can I used gloves - good move!) Also, drippage. And I used 4 or 5 cans on the 2 baskets. So not sure how environmentally friendly this whole exercise was; probably not at all. Alas, here is the small basket at night - for Ton to store his crap in he brings home at night:

I didn't finish the larger one until weeks later, and I now us this to store various little styling items - linen, cutlery etc. It's not perfect, but at least the colour works.

KK xx


  1. My man-cave has been reduced to a basket :(

  2. Well, if you didn't have a habit of leaving your crap everywhere and anywhere, you wouldn't need the basket, would you... ;P