Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gayndah - The Parade

For every Orange Festival the festival committee elects an Orange Queen, chosen from local entrants; not married, under 30, either born in Gayndah or living there full-time. One of our friends entered, but unfortunately didn't win. It's not like a beauty pageant with a swimwear section; it's more about fund-raising and community involvement, and the entrants also get questioned on their local knowledge (including what type of oranges or other citrus fruits are picked at what time of the year).
The Queen is chosen at a Ball the weekend before the Festival, and then she and the other entrants have official duties to attend to all weekend. On the Saturday at lunch time they have a parade down the main road with music, floats, performers etc - the local businesses put up floats, and the Orange Queen contestants are typically associated with a particular business and wave from that business's float. Without further ado, our friend's float, some of the women who work there dressed up as cows, citrus fruit and a bear (??), and some of the other parade participants:

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  1. I love how you managed to snap the Grand Hotel float in front of the actual Grand Hotel!