Monday, October 11, 2010

What happens when you bring Munich to Brisbane

It seem the Oktoberfest has become an exportable commodity - every venue around town has some kind of Oktoberfest-themed thing going on. However, the ultimate Oktoberfest experience in Brisbane is the aptly named Brisbane Oktoberfest, held at the RNA Showgrounds for two weekends every year. This isn't just a cash grab by an existing venue wanting to cash in on this great folk fest, this is organised by a bunch of Munich expats who wish to bring the fun and Gem├╝tlichkeit of the original Oktoberfest to Munich. A massive tent is erected at the Showgrounds, with small rides for the kids outside, and they fly in an original Oktoberfest band to play in the tent.
I didn't bring the SRL to keep it from getting drenched in beer, so I just used have a short video of the festivities inside:

How does this compare to the actual Oktoberfest you ask? Well, let me oblige. This is a short video from our trip to Germany last year, complete with beer song!

Sadly, the weather has been terrible in Brisbane these last few days; it rained all day Friday and Saturday, so the showgrounds were a muddy mess. I was fairly careful with where I walked, but still, my shoes looked like this the next day:


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  1. Who is that immature fool jumping up at the start of the vid? People these days *sigh*.