Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From seed to ...

Also about 3 weekends ago we planted a few seeds that I bought on my recent trip to Germany. The plan is to photograph this every weekend to follow its progress.
2 weeks after planting:

3 weeks after planting:

Also, note the difference in the photographic quality. The first one is a snapshot from my phone, the second photo was taken on Ton's D40x.


  1. Wouldn't this be a quarantine issue? I'd love to bring some tulip bulbs from Holland, but I don't think I'd get away with that at all.

  2. I was able to bring these back as they are dried. Also, I declared them to customs (as with everything I bring back), the customs guy had a look at them, checked out the species in some database, and OKed them.
    I checked the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Agency Website, and it says tulip bulbs and similar materials and not allowed into Australia :(
    BUT: Some of these items are allowed into Australia if accompanied by an import permit and/or are treated by Quarantine (which will cost you money). Talk to Quarantine prior to departure about obtaining an import permit.