Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outdoor Design

We did this a few weeks ago, but only had time to photograph on the weekend. Our outdoor planters had started to look a little tired, so we ventured to our local Bunnings who have an extensive outdoor/gardening section. Inspired by the Japanese Bento Box, we made a little square display in the corner of our balcony, in black. I really like the contrast between the glossy black and simplicity of shape in the smaller planters to the matte black with the slightly more ornate design of the large pot. The two back pots are small chili trees, the front one is a decorative plant, and I planted some seeds in the round one, however, I think they are not taking, so I might need to plant something new.


  1. Nice! I have wanted to do that on our balcony but I'm the only one to water things and I forget so we often lose them. Looking at yours makes me want to try harder.

  2. I've killed countless basil plants, but the chili trees seem to be robust. :)