Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Love: Hair Romance

Had to share this blog with you that I stumbled upon via Twitter yesterday (productivity at work gone).
Hair Romance, as the name suggests, is all about hair - product reviews, how-tos for all kinds of hairstyles, tips & tricks for managing hair, and inspirational images. This was perfect timing since I am attempting to grow my hair out and trying to stay strong and away from any drastic haircuts. (I am very glad the Pixie/Michelle Williams post was followed with a long hair/Blake Lively post, otherwise... snip snip..)
Check it out! You can also follow Hair Romance on Twitter.


  1. I love the third ponytail: so pretty! I wish my hair would sit nicely so I could do stuff like this.

  2. Have you given up on straightening, Tulsi?