Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad lighting = so much post-production!

Anyone with a semi-decent DSLR surely knows the 'joy' of somehow being anointed 'official photographer' by a family member or friend, even if one is a rank amateur, who sometimes, somehow, manages to put out some decent photographs. Our sensei recently asked us to "bring the camera along" to training to take some snap shots (possibly for the website??), despite the fact that the lighting is terrible in the dojo (particularly at night when training is on) and we have no external lights, just a detachable flash.
Two of the shots turned out ok, but I had to do an enormous amount of post-production on both of them to get them to this standard. I REALLY can't wait until I get my new 50mm (1.4f) lens, which will allow so much more light into the camera and hopefully solve this horrendous noise problem. (Lucky for you, the images are rather small, so many of the imperfections are hidden!) Without further ado:

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