Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Shoeday to me!

I'm a week early but today I treated myself to a new pair of boots for my birthday. I've been eyeing these off since about January when I saw them lined up with all the Winter stock at the client's HQ.
Sadly, I cannot take these little puppies out for a spin as I experience sharp pains in my right (injured) ankle when I wear, so I'll have to wait for probably another couple of weeks before I can wear them out. Sadface.
For the footwear aficionados, they're RMK, leather upper and lining, and RRP $199.95


  1. drooollllll.....
    Love RMKs, they've been very very good to me over the years. Make sure I'm around when you road test these!

  2. I just realised, the last pair of boots (black, knee-high) I bought were also RMKs.