Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Lens 50mm 1.4 Post 1

Work's been out of control lately, so even though I've had my new lens for a few weeks now, I've only just managed to go through the mountains of photos I've taken. As soon as I got it, I just walked around our unit and took photos of pretty much anything. Here are a few:

Shot on my Nikon D40x with AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1.4G lens


  1. I love your pics, Kat (Wizards First Rule!). :) The orange flowers, are they nasturtians? My grandmother used to grow them...

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed that series - you'll notice that the book lying down is LOT - 3 in 1.

    Not sure what the flowers are called - I bought the seeds in Germany and grew them from that. I'll check the packet.

  3. you'll love the lens, it's great! I also shoot with a 35mm 1.8 DX on my D90. I love shooting at night with it and I shoot my hair portraits with it too

  4. I'm already eyeing off my next lens - I want a wide-angle, probably around 21mm.