Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alan Jensen Photographer Extraordinaire

Today I would like to share one of my favourite photographers with all of you. Alan specialises in interior photography but is equally fabulous at exteriors (architecture & beautiful landscapes) and portraiture (he took a killer shot of Chopper Read, but it's sadly no longer on his website).
Alan has an amazing eye and I love how he uses light. He is super-talented and such a humble, all-round lovely person to boot!
Lately he's been gorgeous shots like the above on his blog. Make sure to check out both the blog and his portfolio. All stunning! Love your work, Al!


  1. What a lovely post Kat!! Thanks : )

  2. Just waiting for you to update your website, too. :)
    Hope you guys are well!

  3. Ha ha Yes one day! Just waiting until I feel I have a strong portfolio of work rather than half ass. Definitely soon!

  4. Don't be silly, your work is excellent!

  5. Great photographer, nice link Kat