Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooking a whole beast

I really enjoy cooking, but after cooking night after night I feel that I've fallen into a bit of a rut, and I tend to keep making the same meals over and over. While Masterchef was on I'd sometimes break out and cook something really random and out-there (mince-stuffed squid, for instance) but I've been back to playing it safe for a while now. To remedy this I bought a whole (frozen) spatchcock last time I went to the butcher. Since I'd never cooked a whole spatchcock before I trawled the net for some inspiration - I didn't find a recipe that grabbed me straight away, but a great technique on how to cook it. This involved using scissors to cut along the spine and take that out and flatten the spatchcock down and pin the bird across the body with wooden stakes through the wing and thigh to keep it flat. It looked a little like a murder victim so I will spare the photos. I had a bit of a vegetarian moment as I was holding the bird about to cut out its spine but I pulled myself together ;)
Anyhow, since it's a made-up-on-the-spot recipe I don't have quantities, but I marinated the spatchcock in the following ingredients and it tasted delicious!
Oil, loads of honey, loads more garlic (from Toowoomba, yum!), a couple of table spoons of sweet & sour lime pickle by The Bramble Patch (Stanthorpe) and a good splash of soy. This was teemed with honey-roasted potato and sweet potato. I will make this again, it was super-tasty. (although this might mean I'm back to my original problem of always cooking the same thing - drat!)

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