Sunday, April 11, 2010

Supanova Brisbane 2010

Today we went to what I've been calling a "big nerd convention", but apparently it's actually a "Pop Culture Expo". Either way, went met BenF and Sarah at Supanova today. Lots of photos with this post, I went a bit nuts, but it was a bit of a photographer's wet dream, so many crazy-looking people there.
Waiting in line:

Stormtrooper, and a guy with a headwound in the background


Rorschach from Watchmen!!! (It was a girl inside the costume)

Luigi & Mario

This girl was in the line behind us, I can't remember what character she was supposed to be, but she looked so adorable!

Also no idea what character that is, presumably some kind of manga/anime.

The main reason I wanted to go was James Marsters who was there for a Q&A session, autographs etc, and I paid a king's ransom to get a photo taken with him, but it was all good fun. We were in row 5 for the Q&A, but the lighting was terrible and no flash photography allowed, so the photos are pretty crap.

Some more outfits:

Some packaging and knick-knacks. Hilariously the Edward doll is on sale for 20 bucks, but Jacob is still full-price at 39.94!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos and nerdiness!



  1. For your nerdy assistance, the unidentified guy with the massive white circle over his eye and green face paint is a character from The Mighty Boosh, whose name currently escapes me.

    Oh and happy birthday Kat!


  2. OH hi.. i just realised that you posted a comment! yay :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and thanks for your nerdy assistance. See, you totally out-nerd me!