Thursday, September 15, 2011


I didn't take any photos because, let's be honest, I was too busy snarfling (this is now a word) down the food. This place has only been open a week, and it did a roaring trade tonight. We just happened to drop in on the way to the theatre. Their website's not quite up and running as yet, but their Facebook is.
This is a Spanish Tapas Bar, and the food was absolutely amazing - every single dish was beautifully put together and unbelievably flavoursome. We had whitebait & calamari, patatas bravas, the scallop and pork dish, and a black sausage and pork belly dish. I drank a delicious red Sangria and they have a small range of Spanish beers in stock. The service was super-friendly and very quick. We mentioned we were in a rush, and the food came about 5-10 minutes after ordering. We were in and out in about 45 minutes, absolutely sated. We will definitely be back to try their Paella, and I will exercise some self-control and take photos next time.
Ole is located at Shop B12 Little Stanley Street, South Bank.
This has very much whet my appetite even more for Barcelona in a few weeks!

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