Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photography Assignment 1

It's the fourth week of my photography course tonight, and our first assignment is due to be presented. I didn't keep track of time properly, but I guess I spent about 4 hours on these shots on the weekend.
1. I got the letter from an antique store in Surry Hills a few weeks ago.
2. This was a bit of an accidental shot. The rose was from an early date with Ton that I dried out and it's been part of the decor ever since - about 7 years now!! I actually just wanted to use it in the background of shot 1 for a bit of texture, but when I saw how the light fell on it and created that lovely shadow I just snapped away and am really happy with this shot now.
3. I got my name stamp carved in Singapore a couple of years ago, with the rat on top (my Chinese sign), and complete with the red ink pot, I thought it would make an interesting subject.
4. The ring made out of an old spoon, also purchased in Surry Hills, as compared to some other old spoons.
5. I don't think this shot really works but I'll include it anyway. I wanted to utilise the antique shoe last, but somehow in the process it made its way into the background.
6. Technically two separate shots but I did them to be a pair - although I shot them on separate days. It's very hard to photograph glass.

There is no post-production on these shots - the only thing I did was straighten the one with the red drink, but it's STILL a bit wonky, I think. Other than that these are the jpg shots straight from the camera without any tweaking in Camera Raw. (as stipulated in the assignment)

Hope you like, but constructive criticism is always welcome. Seriously. :)

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