Thursday, November 25, 2010

Philly Jays Gig at the HiFi

We'd gotten to know Philadelphia Grand Jury's songs through spin class (Going to the Casino) and Triple J, and downloaded (from iTunes, of course) a few of their songs without realising they were all the same band until going through our play list one day. How embarrassing.
We hadn't been to a live music gig in ages, so we were very excited to hear that they were coming to Brisbane, although I was slightly worried I might start a Pavlovian sweat when they played Casino. This, luckily, did not occur.
We started the night off with a Greek dinner, then proceeded to the Lychee Lounge for cocktails to kill time before the first opening act started playing at 9.
The Philly Jays finally came on about 11 (I am SUCH a nanna, I was about ready to go to sleep by that time), and they immediately got the tightly packed in crowd pumped. Sadly their set was a bit short, but the approx. 45 minutes they were on were amazing. Such great energy! We'll definitely be back next time they're in Brisbane, and you guys should all come along!! It was a great night out for us oldies.
I'm also very keen to see some more live gigs at the HiFi, that venue is great - you feel THISCLOSE to the band!

A 1 minute compilation of crappy footage I took on my phone. Since my phone doesn't record music very well I put a track under the whole thing, The Good News, by Philadelphia Grand Jury, of course.

Also, some terribly pixelated, blurry and low-res photos...

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