Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awesome production of Macbeth at Brisbane Festival

We just got home from a great production of Macbeth, showing at (or rather, next to) the Brisbane Powerhouse. They had built a kind of amphitheater our of what felt like MDF board (not very comfortable) with the grungy exterior brick wall of the Powerhouse as a backdrop:

The audience:

The cast was fantastic! Weirdly the 3 wicked witches somehow became an old lady, an old dude and a young guy who reminded me of Frank Woodley, but that actually worked pretty well (although it took me a little while to figure out what was going on). It also took a while to get the ear used to Shakespeare's English, but once I got into it I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Lighting and sound were used to great effect, as was fake blood.
I hadn't read any Shakespeare since High School, but this has really whet my appetite for more plays. I thoroughly recommend you get your butts there. One tip - take a pillow and a warm jacket; the usually balmy Queensland weather didn't want to play tonight and turned cold and windy.

In the area in front of the Powerhouse there was some kind SciFi-ish milk crate spherical structure that begged to be photographed:


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